American Paint Horse Association


Our mission at the American Paint Horse Association is to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of American Paint Horses, and to stimulate and regulate all matters pertaining to the promotion, history, breeding and exhibition of this breed. Our success depends on our ability to provide fiscally responsible and efficient services to our members. We aspire to excellence in record-keeping, reporting, recruiting, educating and supporting our membership, so that we may inspire confidence and create in them a desire to use our services. APHA serves both the breed and our members by being aware of he industry and market, and of the needs, opportunities and challenges of our members. 



  • The American Paint Horse and those people who treat them gently, humanely and with respect. 
  • The unique skills and talents of our members.
  • The equine industry and working with other organizations to achieve shared goals and ideals.
  • Those who conform to accepted form-to-function conformation standards, which contribute to the breed's versatility.
  • All programs and services that promote a rich family life for our members and encourage leisure activities, recreation and fun.
  • Long range planning, sound financial policies and continued investment in the future of APHA.


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