Fappani Performance Horses

Born and raised in Italy, Andrea Fappani followed his dream of becoming one of the all-time leading trainers in Reining-world wide. His focus and passion for excellence not only made him the youngest NRHA Million Dollar Rider, but have put him at the top of the charts as a teacher, clinician and advocate of pursuing exceptional horsemanship. His Reining DVD's have outsold all others- designed and produced to teach the details of training Reining horses as well as to maintain them at a high level for optimum performance in the show pen. It was Andrea's desire and commitment to excel as a student of horsemanship that allowed him to develop such early success in his career. His enthusiasm and love for the sport and the horse is evident in his style of teaching and producing materials that allow others the opportunity to continue to develop better skills and results.

Tel: (480) 471-7184

Email: fappanireiners@aol.com

Add: 15823 E Rio Verde Dr. Scottsdala, AZ 85262

Web: Fappani Perfomance Horses


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