Stallion Service Auction

Bidding begins January 1st 2018, and ends January 31st, 2018

~ High Roller Reining Classic Stallion Service Auction Conditions ~ 


The HRRC Stallion Service (cooled shipped semen) Contract is transferable to the Mare Owner who contributes the highest bid at the close of the 2018 HRRC Stallion Service Silent Auction, January 31th, 2018 at 4:00pm PST, a minimum of 50% of the advertised 2018 stallion service fee, with bids increasing in increments of $100. Frozen semen fees/international shipping expenses are NOT included. Additional charges to Mare Owner will apply for any requests for frozen semen. ALL chute fees, mare care/insemination charges, semen shipments, accidents, illness, or any mishap concerning the mare named in the contract are the responsibility of the mare owner. Mare Owner shall contact stallion owner/agent and be responsible for any and all additional charges/fees to execution of this contract. HRRC is not responsible for any costs, expenses, or charges relative to the execution of this contract by the breeding facility not contained or recorded in this contract. There will be no refunds. HRRC’s involvement in, and responsibility for, the HRRC Stallion Service Program terminates, except otherwise provided in this agreement, upon transfer of breeding to the Mare Owner. The stallion owner/agent shall supply the appropriate documentation to facilitate the registration of the resulting foal according to the appropriate breed registry. Only one embryo transfer will be recognized per contract. A live foal is guaranteed only to the extent of one return breeding the following year (the same or substitute mare), and then only by the initial owner of this contract.  CONTRACT IS FOR COOLED SEMEN ONLY, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED! ADDITIONAL CHARGES WILL BE APPLIED BY BREEDING RANCH/STALLION OWNER FOR ANY FROZEN SEMEN REQUESTED.CHUTE FEES AND SHIPPING FEES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF MARE OWNER, NOT STALLION OWNER, AGENT OR EVENT! 






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